Halo 3 PC


Recorded on the first day Halo 3 was released for the PC version of the Master Chief Collection. Brothers, Frakbox and OmegaWolfBrony play remotely. The game is recorded from Frakbox’s perspective.

This first episode shows some technical issues with the game. We are still not sure what is causing them. We spent most of the day trying to get the game to work.

This content is targeted towards adults as we are playing an M-Rated video game. We are attempting to comply with COPPA standards.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Frakbox and special guest TruBluBlur play The legend of Zelda: Twilight princess with commentary. Colloquially this genre of entertainment is known as let’s play.
This let’s play can get quite silly at times.

The full playlist can be found here!

Brothers Battles 1-3


Here are the first three episodes of the Francom brothers series called Brothers Battles.
In this playlist, the Francom brothers play vs games against each other.
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This is the very first Brothers Battle. We play a fan game known as My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic.

The very First Brothers Battle.

The second Brothers Battle is a game called Who’s your Daddy?
This game is an asymmetric competitive game where one person plays a baby trying to end it’s life in mundane household ways, and the other plays the hapless father trying to save the baby until mom gets home.

The Second Brothers Battle.

The third Brothers Battle is a slightly competative, sloppily put together 6v6 battle in the latest entry of the Pokémon Franchise.

The third Brothers Battle.

Halo 5 Co-op


The Francom Brothers play Halo 5. However, what makes this let’s play special is that the recorded screen is the 2nd player screen. Normally the HUD shown during the main campaign is Master Chief’s. With our recording setup, we are able to show the HUDs for the other members of Master Chief and Locke’s respective squads.
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