For Chaos and Conquest

By: Mitchell Lord
Editor: Joshua Francom

Hi. I’m Mitchell, a new reviewer here. I used to have my own set of blogs, but I figure I’ll start fresh. It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally come back to do some game reviews.

First off, one that’s quite close to my heart. You see, I’ve been a Warhammer fan for ten years, starting with the tail end of 7th edition, and moving on to 8th edition. Which, for those who play Warhammer, promptly marks me as a ‘n00b casual’ who needs to ‘get gud’. At which, I shall have my Dark Angels Gunline detachment, together with my Space Wolves Wulfen, annihilate you in the Fight Phase and the Shooting Phase. I also have been quite attacked to the Old World, however. Ever since I discovered it, Warhammer Fantasy fascinated me.

The numerous nations, the lore, the characterization. I’m especially into Gotrek and Felix, and the lore of Norsca, a world of Chaos Viking Barbarians. Along with the Dwarves, obsessed with gold and grudges, bringing up my memories of Lord of the Rings when I was seven.

Admittedly, this is a bit of a digression, but it’s all to establish my pedigree. I am a huge fan of Games Workshop and Warhammer. That’s why when I heard about Chaos and Conquest, I got very interested. I found myself thinking, “An RPG in the Old World, where you play as a Chaos Tribe? That seems like, a fun idea. There is plenty of lore, fun creatures, and potential for some nice PVP.”

Unfortunately, the game produced is a blatant ripoff of Game of War: Fire Age. If you are unfamiliar, Game of War is ‘City Builder’ game more famous for its advertisements that consist of rather blatant fan-service, then any actual gameplay. It’s critically hated, but inexplicably popular; much like the Bayformers movies, actually.

I put ‘City builder’ in quotes, because only in theory does it consist of any actual ‘meat’ of building a city. In this game, the city building almost entirely consists of hand-holding quests where you are told exactly what to build, where, and with no real other options. The upgrade tree is almost entirely linear as well. In addition, every building is on a timer, with only two buildings upgradable at a time. An average city only consists of dozens of buildings.

The game also includes resource gathering. You send your army out to gather resources, again with a max of two at a time. These quickly become insufficient for your needs once the freebies run out, which leaves only one alternative.

PVP! Which consists of two armies throwing themselves against each other, with only basic strategy, and the winner being the one who has the bigger stick. If you’ve got bigger, badder units? You win. If you didn’t, you lose. That’s the game.

As for PVE? There really isn’t any worth noting. There are a few areas to conquer, but they’re mostly just outposts. The advertisement’s focus is clearly on PVP, and there is no story to speak of. This is a game that consists of one purpose: To show off how ‘gud’ you are at this game.

Chaos and Conquest, as the advertising of Game of War states, exists solely to show off how loyal you are to the Dark Gods. You play it solely to beat up other players. There’s nothing more of note to the game. The story mode simply consists of vague tutorials. I mean, sure, they name-drop the characters. But, they’re ultimately just there to give the tutorial and then head off.

All-in-all, there’s just nothing to the game to recommend it. The entire structure of the game has been done before and done better. If someone really wanted to play a game for just a little bit a day? Well, there are plenty of others. If someone wants to play a game where you can beat up noobs? There are plenty others. About the only thing it has is a Warhammer license, and even then? It’s clearly being wasted.

I give this game a 1/5. Only play this game if you want to sacrifice your wallet to Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure. And, in this case? Addictions that take everything from you, and give nothing back.