Meet the Team

Joshua Francom

Joshua Francom, AKA Frakbox, is a let’s play YouTuber, former host of the Gamerfuel Studios podcast, and the primary editor of the website you are on right now. He also writes articles on this website from time-to-time. He is a video game enthusiast and worked for Xbox customer support from 2013 to 2016. He is the eldest of the Francom Brothers. His favorite video games range from retro to modern; he appreciates the classics.

He is a self-described melancholic-optimist. His beliefs would fall within the label of secular humanist. His most proud achievement is breaking away from the Mormon church as a closeted agnostic-atheist. In his spare time, he loves to watch documentaries about almost any subject and is a vocal advocate of the Ketogenic diet. He also regularly practices Spanish and hopes to someday become fluent. He also claims to be a communist.

Bryce Francom

Bryce Francom is the straight-talking brony of the group. He prefers to keep what he says to the minimum unless he understands what is being talked about. He listens to science, video game lore, and TV show review videos in his spare time, often while playing video games at the same time. One of his favorite game series is Halo, and has been a fan of the series for well over a decade and has accumulated a fair amount of knowledge of the series lore.

Bryce is currently a student at Brigham Young University Idaho and is majoring in English to improve his writing. This is in hopes of becoming a published author. As a result he is away from the rest of the team for most of the year. He is part of the regularly scheduled let’s plays on the Frakbox YouTube channel. When he is with the rest of the team doing let’s plays, he mostly plays games while his brother, Joshua Francom, talks.

Paul Moats

Paul Moats is a 32 year old gamer of both retro and modern games, an aspiring artist, a comic book collecter, and a lifetime Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA enthusiast. His first Sonic game was the original release on the SEGA Genesis, which he’s been playing since the age of 6, and has since played 45 of the 80+ official titles that have been released during the Sonic franchise’s nearly 30 years.

He’s a veritable torrent of Sonic the Hedgehog info, whether it be lore, obscure characters, behind the scenes, or insane marketing campaigns. He’s many times given the example that he can talk about the first game alone for hours on end, and has a handful of times actually been given the opportunity to prove this statement true. He also has a deep love for high fantasy, particularly anything Elven or Draconic, and a deep emotional identification with Spider-Man’s ‘mask all insecurities with goofy humor’ ideology.

Cybershell wishes he was good enough to be Paul’s fake.

Mitchell Lord

Mitchell Lord, alias MitchellTF, has been a gamer since he was seven years old. His focus is mainly on story-based games, such as WRPGs and CRPGsvisual novels, and “Interactive Cinema” games. He’s also a large fan of mobile games, especially “freemium” ones, the Apple Arcade, and Anime based games. Having struggled with autism, he tends to be a bit eager to please, and uses a rather conversational tone in his reviews.