We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.

As we are based out of Portland, we must denounce the federal paramilitary force occupying the downtown streets. Attacking and kidnapping American citizens is abhorrent, and is a dangerous step towards fascism. As students of history, we recognize the similarities between current events and 1930s Germany. It serves as a grave example of what happens when citizens do not respond to secret police kidnappings with a strong and decisive rebuke.

We support reallocating police budgets to the community. This means the police will still exist for responding to violent crime when called, but most of the jobs they currently do (which do not require armed personnel) will belong to other groups. We especially believe in allocating this money towards education and health care.

We recognize that the actions by ICE against immigrants were practice-runs for what is happening now. We also reject the blatant vocal racism of the Trump administration. We are disgusted by the actions against immigrants and ethnic minorities.

We are also disgusted by the overt sexism, homophobia, and targeting of the LGBTQ+ (AKA GSM – Gender and Sexual Minorities). We stand with these targeted communities in the fight for human rights.

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