Dragalia Lost: How Not to Do an Event

By: Mitchell LordEditor: Joshua Francom I have a confession of a guilty pleasure: I really like ‘gacha games.’ I often need something quick to play that won’t take up a lot of time. Some of them have remarkably good plots which result in an addictive need to follow to completion. They’re the gaming equivalent of…

Replacing Gaming Time with Lifetime Language Learning

By: Joshua Francom In the past, I’d been a passable intermediate-level Spanish speaker. This was gained from four years in high school and up to 203 level in college. The next level I needed to grow my skill was to begin full-immersion studies either by taking classes exclusively taught in Spanish, or by going to a Spanish speaking…

Dr. Disrespect and Privacy Law

By: Mitchell LordEditor: Joshua Francom Dr. Disrespect is an infamous Twitch streamer, who has recently won Streamer of the Year for 2019. This reminds me of an old controversy which involved taking his persona too far. This is an old controversy; the statute of limitations has well expired in the minds of the denizens of the Internet. Five months…

For Chaos and Conquest

By: Mitchell LordEditor: Joshua Francom Hi. I’m Mitchell, a new reviewer here. I used to have my own set of blogs, but I figure I’ll start fresh. It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally come back to do some game reviews.First off, one that’s quite close to my heart. You see, I’ve been a…

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Project xCloud (Preview)

Project xCloud is a streaming service from Microsoft and Xbox which allows users to view games from their mobile devices.

Frakbox shows his experiences testing xCloud during the Preview on August 12th, 2020. Current performance of xCloud may not reflect the final product when it is released.

This is not a paid review. However, in order to participate in the Beta test, one must be a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber through the Xbox Live service.

Frakbox tested Halo: Combat Evolved on the Halo: Master Chief Collection.
He then tested Sonic Mania which is a 3rd party game.
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